Born in 1973 in Upper Austria, Kurt moved to Vienna in 1992 to study biology. Concentrating on his primary passion for photography, he enrolled in a class in Photography in Vienna and graduated with a master degree.
Kurt instinctively captures the most expressive moments, he discovers and records the unconventional beauty, the esthetic and youthful fun in all that he observes.
His work has been published in various magazines : Cosmopolitan, Citizen K, L´Officiel, Schön Magazine, Vogue Italy…
On set Kurt´s energy and passion for his work is contagious. He is guided by a self-enforced principle of not asking his subjects to do something he wouldn´t do himself. This enables him to quickly put people at ease and build rapport leading to a more natural and cogent image.
Kurt divides his time between Austria, Paris and Milan.
Audi, Airport Salzburg, Bugatti, FAZ, Löffler, Karstadt, Knirps, Ploom, Porsche, Remington, REWE, Salzburg AG, Schwarzkopf, Seat, VW…